Danish Hazelnut Cookies 1960s
Four Ingredients That Transform Into Sweet Chewy Deliciousness With A Danish Flare!

Danish Hazelnut Cookies 1960s

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3 ea Egg Whites
1 cup Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Extract
2 cups Ground Hazelnut Meal
1-2 tsp Confectioners Sugar

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    Yield: about 20 cookies

    • 30 minutes
    • Medium




    Delicious Danish Hazelnut Cookies From a Classic Danish Cookbook!

    Danish Hazelnut Cookies. Gluten Free and Delicious! - www.iloveoldrecipes.com

    These Danish Hazelnut Cookies are very, very easy to make ! You only need FOUR INGREDIENTS to make these nutty chewy cookies, and the taste is rich and elegant!

    The recipe in a 1965 edition of “Wonderful, Wonderful Danish Cooking” by Ingeborg Dahl Jensen. So the recipe is AT LEAST 50-something years old!

    My wonderful husband surprised me with this great cookbook (thank you, honey!). I wanted to buy it on Amazon but it was unavailable at the moment. So I got really excited when I got home and found it laying on the table one day!


    The recipe in the book is called Hazelnut Spheres (Hasselnod Marengs is their Danish name; I dare you pronounce it!). It calls for eight egg whites and ¾ ground hazelnuts. I used different proportions and made regular looking round cookies instead of some fancy “spheres”. As a result, mine turned out to be more like COOKIES rather than MERINGUES. The result was… well, it was wonderful, just like the cookbook suggested! I have this KitchenAid stand mixer that I use to beat egg whites but you can use any mixer you have on hand!


    Everyone who tried them rolled their eyes up and made comments using only superlative adjectives such as “outstanding” and “best nutty tasting cookies I have ever tried!”

    Danish Hazelnut Cookies Stack - www.iloveoldrecipes.com


    Bob's Red Mill HAZELNUT MEAL - www.iloveoldrecipes.com

    The great thing about these Danish Hazelnut Cookies is that they are GLUTEN FREE! I used Bob’s Red Mill Finely Ground Hazelnut Meal/Flour that was the major contributor to the cookie success, I think. Well, actually LOVE is always the main ingredient, I believe. I really feel like Bob’s Red Mill folks pour some love in their products. I personally never have any issues with their products! This particular Hazelnut Meal is a new item in my pantry. I will definitely use it again since I got such an awesome feedback about my Danish Hazelnut Cookies!

    Note: try making Sandwich Cookies out of these little yummy things! Use Nutella or chocolate ganache to “glue” them together. Either way you make your cookies, store them in an airtight container. They keep well and stay chewy like that for a few days at least (mine didn’t last long!).

    YOU GOTTA TRY my Golden Crunch Butterscotch Molasses Cookies that I made for my dad-in-law the other day! He RAVED about them!

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    Heat oven up to 300F.


    With a mixer beat egg whites and sugar on high until stiff. Add vanilla extract and hazelnut meal. Mix cookie dough; it is going to be sticky and pretty thick.


    Line cookie sheets with dry parchment paper. Use a small cookie scoop to scoop cookie dough onto the cookie sheets in a chess pattern leaving about 2-3 inches between them for better air flow. (The picture is from Butterscotch Molasses Cookies recipe just to show what I mean by "a chess pattern".)


    Bake cookies one tray at a time for 20 minutes or until cookies turn light brown on sides. Let them rest on cookie sheet for five minutes, then place them to cool off on cooling rack. Optional: sprinkle war cookies with confectioners sugar for a pretty look.


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